• Ashay

    This is student's magazine published annually. It contains articles by students, reports of departmental activities, awards and overall achievements.

  • S.B. Masik Pariwar Patrika

    It is a house journal of S.B. Education Society Published monthly. It is edited by the President of our society and contains compendiums of activities conducted in S.B. Education Society.

  • Sanshodhan Patrika

    It is a magazine of S.B.Education societies Research Foundation where in Minor Research Projects funded and conducted under the aegis of Research Foundation, are published in article form annually. It carries an ISSN No. 2229-3396

  • Pustakanchya Jagat

    Ten classics relevant in different subjects from all streams and with the multidisciplinary approach are studied by ten different subject teachers and their introduction of these books just in twenty pages are published in article form. From this readers get the feeling of having read ten classics.

  • Saraswati

    It is a research Journal of our college in which research article of our teachers is published. It is a peer-reviewed journal started in 2005 with ISSN No. 2229-5224.