Education and Library are two inseparable or indivisible concepts, both being fundamentally and synchronically related to and co-existent with each other. One cannot be separated from the other. None of them is an end in itself; rather both of them together are a means to an ultimate end. One dies as soon as the other perishes. One survives as long as the other exists. This inter-relation, co-existence, or this dependence of one upon the other has been coming down from the birth of human civilization to the posterity through a process of evolution. Education cannot exist alone in the absence of library and library has no meaning if it cannot impart education. A well-equipped library is a sine qua non for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual advancement and elevation of the people of a community. It is an indispensable element of the absolute wellbeing of the citizens and that of the nation at large. Considering this aspect, since last 47 years, S.B. Education Society is vigorously taking effort for an overall development of the library and its services extends to the Journalists, creative writers and critics from various sections of the society. Since the inception of the college, the library was in the college building, considering the future scope and expansion, it was shifted to the separate building in 2016 with necessary facilities and amenities like Reading Room for PG and UG students, for teachers' stacks room, issue counter etc. Today our library provides the following facilities to beneficiaries: