• Reading Room for UG Students

    Library provides facility of spacious reading room to its users and students preparing for competitive examinations and professional studies.

  • Reading Room for Faculties, Researchers and PG Students:

    Separate reading room for Faculties, Researchers and PG Students is made available wherein they can carry out their research work. Reference books to support and facilitates research and further studies are made available on demand for these users.

  • OPAC

    OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue): It is an online library management platform that enables users to search for a vast amount of content including books, journals, and e-books online.

  • N-LIST

    N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content): It is an initiative that provides access to a wide range of scholarly content for educational and research purposes. N-LIST enables access to a vast collection of e-resources and e-journals.

  • Indo-NVDA Saksham:

    Indo-NVDA Saksham: Library is equipped with licensed screen reading software customized for Indian languages, which improves digital accessibility for visually impaired readers.

  • Reprography with Scanner

    Reprography with Scanner: It involves copying and reproducing printed or visual materials. The libraryhas a wide range of physical books, journals, project reports and documents. By using a scanner, these materials are digitized and stored electronically. This allows patrons to access them online, promoting wider accessibility and reducing wear and tear on physical copies.

  • Books on Demand

    Books on Demand:If any reader needs a specific book which is not available in the library, such a book, if identified appropriate and found useful, can be made available to the reader.

  • Reference and study material for preparation of Professional and Competitive Examinations: Library every year purchases revised and updated books of competitive and professional studies preparation for students aspiring for it. Library had subscription of 29 Monthly Magazine and Journals for students.

  • Manuscripts and Bibliographic Services:

    Manuscripts and Bibliographic Services: It provides access to information in various formats, including books, journals, articles, and other resources. They help users to locate the materials they need for research, study, or professional development.